Welcome to WOW Amsterdam. A hostel and temporary home for young art professionals and urban explorers and much more...

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The WOW hostel provides affordable accommodation for visitors and travelers who want to discover the city of Amsterdam…

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car-Clément website


An intimate visual dialogue between two neighbours at WOW opening on 3 March.

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Daurova Foto

Kristina Daurova

Last month we sat down with WOW Artist in Residence Kristina Daurova, who curates WOW.doc, the new documentary…

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Untitled, 2017

Multidisciplinary theatre show that leaves you full of energy. Against cynicism and anti-gap.

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5. King-size shower, Effi&Amir, 2008 (┬® the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes.)

promise of suspense

In February the shorts explore the technique of zoom and its many meanings.

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WOW.doc #2 | jørgen leth’s america

The US of A in evocative fragments starring both the famous and the nameless.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Too?

Large exhibition tracing overlooked histories of Black women, inspired by Judy Chicago's 1979 installation.

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Artists in residence

WOW Amsterdam facilitates temporary residencies for artists who are recently graduated from Amsterdam’s art institutes and forms a platform for young creative…

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WOW Amsterdam
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