Welcome to the hostel WOW Amsterdam. A hostel and temporary home for young art professionals and urban explorers and much more...

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The WOW hostel provides affordable accommodation for visitors and travelers who want to discover the city of Amsterdam…

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Inprogress: WOW Light Installation

Besides showing their works of art WOW also asks young designers to help us transform the WOW building…

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Photo by Jimmy on the Run

Ting Gong

Ting Gong, fashion designer and artist in residence at WOW Amsterdam since December 2015, recently participated in MBFWA…

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WOW Fashion Volcano

WOW Amsterdam joined MBFWA Offschedule and was proud to present some of its talents in the context of…

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Photo: Ester Grass Vergara


Come see our Fashion Installation 'AFRIEK BY LISA KONNO' in the Green Gallery of WOW!

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Photo: Vera Duivenvoorden

Expo KIJK!

Support the KIJK! photo club for kids in our neighbourhood and see their exhibition in our Vertical Gallery!

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Fernanda Fernandes

Fernanda Fernandes, fashion designer, was one of the 3Package Deal residents in WOW last year. She is now…

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Anouk van der Laan

Anouk van der Laan, former WOW artist in residence will be one of the fashion designers participating in…

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Artists in residence

WOW Amsterdam facilitates residencies for creative talent from Amsterdam’s art institutions like the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Instituut and the…

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WOW Amsterdam
Wiltzanghlaan 60
1061 HC Amsterdam
(+31) 20 705 94 00