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myceliumchair_Erick Klarenbeek

Slow Tech

Come and see the expo Slow Tech in the WOW Lobby.‘Slow Tech’ is an exhibition showing 12 chairs that…

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Designers in Action

Join several live performances at 2 November and see how designers of ‘Slow Tech’ make their products. Several participants of ‘Slow Tech’…

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Wonderland, 2009

Marga Weimans

Fashion designer Marga Weimans is our guest during the first ‘Fashion Night’ at WOW. During this evening we…

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140425, WOW_Room4pYellow_REVMOD2

Yellow Room

Check in and meet other artists and art lovers in a nice atmosphere!  WOW offers different types of…

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Hungry for Love Screen

Hungry for Love

The project Hungry for Love is part of Céline Manz’ body of work What do you know about art, you’re not…

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Pipsqueak was here

Street Art expo

Come and see the Street Art expo in the Vertical Gallery at WOW. The work is on show in the…

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Artist in residencies

WOW Amsterdam facilitates artist-in-residencies for creative talent from Amsterdam’s art institutions like the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Instituut and the…

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3Package Deal

Welcome to our new ’3 Package Deal’ Artists in Residence in WOW! Wednesday 20 August ’14 The Amsterdam…

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