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Changing Perspective on the Fashion Industry

WHEN: Friday 15 June 17:00 - Sunday 29 July 18:00

WHERE: Bos en Lommerplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Every morning we take something out of our closet and we put it on. Our day begins and ends with clothes. It is a habit and at the same time the basis of an important daily ritual.

Clothing is called fashion as soon as a label of a well-known brand is sewn into it. The more interesting it is to find out that mode, dutch word for fashion, comes from the French word ‘mode’, which means ‘way’. Fashion has therefore been linked from the beginning to how we live, and is therefore not for nothing called the mirror of society. There are many examples in which fashion speaks on behalf of the wearer. Protesting clothing in the French Revolution is one, and more recent: the provocative, cut-up clothing that Vivienne Westwood made in the 1970s, or one of Katharine Hamnet’s first slogan T-shirts from the eighties. They took a position in relation to world politics and limiting environmental damage, and still do so – along with many after them.

Now that it becomes clearer how the balance of the Earth is disturbed, more and more young designers are investigating how they can contribute with their design power to a clean and honest fashion industry. A new generation is on the move. This is one that does not want to add more stuff but wants to design a better world. Changing Perspectives shows the most recent work of the prominent and award-winning designers Amber Jae Slooten (born 1993, Chicago), Eduardo Leon (born 1989, Peru / Italy), Linda Plaude (born 1991, Latvia), Lisa Konno (born 1992, Amsterdam), the duo Schepers Bosman (Sanne Schepers, born 1989, Heerlen and Anne Bosman, born 1988, Amsterdam) and Timna Weber (born 1988, Innsbruck). The way in which they tell us something about how we live, whether or not in the future, differs from how generations have done for them. There are garments that are only projected, show emotions or take over the imprint of our collection of plastic shopping bags. Also think of clothing in which replaceable parts, the finish or the use of the wearer are central.

The topics of production, waste, upcycling, mindset and the future of fashion do not have to be far from your bed. It depends on how you look at it. It’s all about changing perspectives.