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Three-sided football match / Ajax-PSV

By Waèl el Allouche / Contemporary Wild

WHEN: Sunday 18 December 14:30

A Sunday of football, with ONZIJN designers Waèl Allouche hosting his three-sided football match near WOW and Contemporary Wild inviting you to watch Ajax-PSV in the Green Gallery afterwards.
At 2.30pm, come to WOW’s Lobby where Waèl will greet you. Then it’s on to AVV Sloterdijk, where three teams of four will play a three-sided match in jerseys designed at Rietveld Academy and produced with a 3D printer.
From 4pm Contemporary Wild take over: enjoy an introduction about their project Boerûh Melk, a discussion about the pros and cons of artificial turf and live commentary by special guest Timme Wolgen. Afterwards, have a glass of Philips Stadion milk to cool down after all that excitement!
The image used above is Poldercup by Maider Lopez, also on show at WOW.

About the artists

Artist and designer El Allouche is interested in the way abstractions, such as data and algorithms, shape reality and vice versa. By digitalising phenomena and objects from the world around him he tries to grasp them, before returning them to reality a reconstruction.

El Allouche produced jerseys for football matches he organised under the name Rietveld Football Club. They are based on 3D scans of the players’ bodies. The tension between the collective in an ever-changing team and the personal of the jerseys fascinates him. For ONZIJN, three-sided football matches will take place, reshaping the game like the Situationists in the sixties.

Collective Contemporary Wild was founded by two young designers, Asnate Bočkis and Willem van Doorn, after their graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Bočkis’ work comprises social and spatial intervention. Van Doorn works in the context of DIY culture and spatial constructions. In Contemporary Wild they share their fascination for the duality between Man & Nature. They combine their individual design approaches and complementary skills to challenge public rituals and rethink usage of natural elements in the urban landscape.

Boerûh Melk is an exclusive product made from the milk of a sheep that is fed only grass from the Philips Stadium field. It has reached a mythical status for football fans and is inextricably linked to the team they support. For ONZIJN, Contemporary Wild produces a tribune made of artificial turf in the shape of a milking stool. From there visitors can watch live matches taking place in the Philips Stadium.


See also Facebook and click attend. The image used above is Poldercup by Maider Lopez, also on show at WOW.