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The One Minutes

short movies in the SKULL

WHEN: Saturday 30 May 10:00 - Tuesday 30 June 17:00

Watch the newest series of The One Minutes in Atelier van Lieshouts the SKULL!

‘We do not know what it is exactly that you are doing, but does this make any sense?’ is The One Minutes Series of June 2015 and is curated by Buenos Aires based artist duo Faivovich & Goldberg. The series is an immersion into The One Minutes Archive. Faivovich & Goldberg reviewed 4147 videos from the first ten years (1999-2009), selecting 56 films conceived as a line-up presented exclusively in random mode.

After the Arab Spring’ is curated by filmmaker Yassine El Idrissi. Some say, after the Arab Spring, Arab Winter has come: wide-scale violence and instability. Was radical change worth the costs now paid for the unpredictable results? Or would it have been possible to remain stable and unfree? Stability or Change? Twenty-four One Minutes reflect on the discussion in the Arab world.

Videos Without Ideas’ curated by Erkka Nisinnen, consists of 30 One Minute videos collected from The One Minutes Archive and new idea-less videos. “Sometimes I get ideas when I’m in contact with water.” Erkka Nissinen asked artists to make One Minute films without ideas. “Making videos is easy, anyone can do it.”

How To‘, curated by Hans Aarsman, deals with convenient tips. It is a compilation of short films that teach us something within one minute. What do you do, for instance, if you have to tie your shoes and have only one hand free? Another film shows a variety of ways to separate an egg: not all of them are very practical.

The One Minutes is an organisation that invites artists to contribute one minute long videos. These videos are published in series composed by various curators. Twenty museums and cultural spaces around the world are subscribers, and show the series within their organisations. We encourage you to submit your videos and participate in the project.

The One Minutes can be watched in the WOW lobby in the SKULL by Atelier van Lieshout.