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Recollect & Reconnect

José Pasmans

WHEN: Saturday 14 March 20:00 - Sunday 15 March 00:00

‘Recollect & Reconnect’ is a portrait photography project by Jose Pasmans. 

During WOW OPEN AIR (collective) memory will be the matter of subject. Which memory would you like to preserve and share? As a part of her new project, José will try to capture you and you’re most precious memory. The next day your memory will be sent as a present to the one you’ve shared it with. 

Vulnerability and how we (humans) cope with the transitoriness of things that pass, are themes often seen in José Pasmans work. The use of layers and depth (visible and in content) are consistent in her work. Most of all, she’s interested in the psychological systems of our minds.

See for more information on the event WOW OPEN AIR or Facebook event page.