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Kolenkit Tour / Performance Lecture

By Marjanne Kuipers / Yuri Veerman

WHEN: Thursday 17 November 16:00

This afternoon, Marjanne Kuipers takes you on tour through the Kolenkit neighbourhood and shares the results of her research into the social fabric of WOW’s surroundings, in which she looks to history and to the present. Director of housing corporation Stadgenoot Gerard Anderiesen tells about how the neighbourhood developed just after WOII and shows you the last remaining details. Together with architects responsible for buildings built in recent years, among whom Henk Duijzer (The New Kit), you will seek answers to questions like What used to be the Kolenkit utopia? What is left?

Around 6pm, after returning to WOW, Yuri Veerman performs Symbolic Gestures, an engaging lecture that deals with matters of symbolism, worth and value linked to his Stardust Machine, on show as part of ONZIJN. He will host a quiz, asking you to guess the meaning of gestures. The grand prize? A go on the Stardust Machine, which transforms your coin into dust.

About the artists

For ONZIJN Kuipers researches the idea of community within the Kolenkitbuurt. In search of an identity for this much-talked about neighbourhood, she talks to its people and documents her experiences in a book. This will consist of reports of conversations, pictures and conclusions drawn about the themes at play in the area.

Artist and designer Veerman works in the grey area between art, design and performance. Point of departure in his work is the relationship between an elusive idea (crisis, nation or people) and the concrete manifestation (coin, flag or anthem). If you remix a flag, are there still traces of home in each colour? If you translate the Dutch anthem into Arabic, who does it address? And, in the case of the Stardust Machine: if you grind a coin to dust, where did its value go? By reconstructing these elements, Veerman’s works create space for a new narrative.

Kuipers graduated with Wederafbouwarchitectuur, a photo series about gradually disappearing post-war architecture. It was nominated for the Hendrik Valk Prize. Since graduating she has worked on several graphic design commissions in her Arnhem studio.

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