Status holders course

In September 2017 the City of Amsterdam, WOW Amsterdam and the ROC of Amsterdam started the WOW Catering Project. 21 status holders build a future in the hospitality industry in this training programme. For half a year, the candidates take lessons in the WOW hostel, where they also did an internship. Through these internships, the candidates have the opportunity to investigate whether working as a cook or host is something for them.

The collaboration between the three partners went very well and WOW has become a home to all parties.

In half a year the first group has become very close and their Dutch has progressed by leaps and bounds. The group is eager to learn and determined to build a good future in the hospitality industry. From February onwards, the candidates will work for three or four days at an external employer and their social assistance benefits will cease. All candidates have found a place in the hospitality industry.

We are pleased that the Municipality has green-lighted the start of a group of eighteen new candidates in February, and we are pleased to see this group is equally ambitious as the last. Permission for a third route has been obtained; it will start in September. In this way we continue to work on a bright future for the new Dutch!

by WOW Amsterdam