Yori Swart

She just moved into WOW and released her new EP in the Melkweg last week. Meet Yori Swart.

by WOW Amsterdam

Your career got off to a great start at a rare speed. Tell us more about yourself.

As a daughter of a jazz guitarist and kindergarten teacher I’ve been raised musically and creatively. My mother told me to sing of my worries at all times and my father taught me guitar skills at a very young age. I saw him once a week as my teacher. I’m a huge admirer of people with great ambiguity using their talents and devoting them selves fully to the passion they have.

I’m a vocal coach, a teacher and a student, studying a masters of Pop music on the conservatory of Amsterdam. A philosophical study and enrichment of your talents. I’m a huge fan of experimental, country, blues and folk music.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on my next full album and a release of a new EP that I recorded in LA (USA) last spring in collaboration with great country/blues artists. This Wednesday (24/9) Freebo (Bonnie Raitt) and Jerry Donnahue (Joan Armatrading) with whom I’ve written in America, will come over to Holland to perform together with me on this EP release in the Melkweg. A milestone in my career I must say.

When you decided to live in WOW what interested you most?

The talented people that live here and the opportunity to get inspired by more artists and musicians. It actually goes against my nature as I’m a relatively quiet person who loves to lock herself up in deserted places to create new material. However, I’ve been living like that for a long time and as a matter of fact I’ve been living in an abandoned prison for some years. The urge crept up on me to discover more of Amsterdam and it’s music/arts scene. And of course because I study here I find it important to invest in Amsterdam. WOW is a very special place where people work hard on their talents which is inspiring to see.

What possibilities do you see for yourselves and young artists at WOW?

The short lines between collaboration. I’ve set myself a goal to collaborate and share more in my life. I see a lot of opportunities and am thrilled to discover the possibilities.

When can we hear and see you perform?

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WOW is a very special place where people work hard on their talents which is inspiring to see.
Yori Swart

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