linda plaude

Linda Plaude is one of WOW’s Artists in Residence. She just graduated from AMFI and she has lived at WOW since December 2016. We interviewed her about her favourite spots in Amsterdam West and about Lights after Sunset, an ephemeral and dreamlike light installation in our Greenhouse.

Lights after Sunset

For the one-off performance and installation Lights after Sunset Linda worked together with Artists in Residence Ting Gong (fashion designer) and Laura A Dima (spatial designer). They never met before WOW, but when they did they instantly clicked. ‘When we started talking we discovered we had the same fascination, that we were very much on the same page.’

‘This is only the first project where I work together with other Artists in Residence, but this collaboration is the exact reason I came to live at WOW. It’s amazing how they put all these artists from different disciplines together and how they support you to collaborate. WOW is very mixed, just like the neighbourhood. Bos en Lommer is unquestionably up and coming. More and more nice coffee places pop up. My favourite spot is Samen, located on the Bos en Lommerweg 72. It’s the best place to have a great coffee for a reasonable price! Similar to the coffee places in the city centre but with better service.

Who is she?

The subject of Linda’s studies was fashion and technology. Linda builds electronics in her creations. In this way she wants to explore how clothing can serve a higher purpose than just a way of covering yourself. ‘I see the human body as an instrument that you have to put in tune, through color, energy flow and sound therapy. For me it’s really important that your mind and body are in balance. That is what I would like to achieve with my designs.’

Fashion is not Linda’s only passion, she also loves to dance. In summer she goes to Summer Breeze, from 1 June every Thursday at the Westerpark. The place in Amsterdam West where you can immerse yourself in Latin American culture. This is where she loves to dance Zouk, ‘sex on the dancefloor’, as she calls it.

During the performance Linda will show the three pieces she made for her graduation assignment. Just like Ting and Laura she loves to play with light, she calls her designs ‘underwater beings’. ‘For my graduation show I worked on one of my dresses upside down, and when I finished it it looked like a jellyfish. It was not on purpose, it just happened. All my pieces look like jellyfish, it’s not my intention. Maybe it’s my spirit animal!’

Visit Linda’s website.

Lights after Sunset happened on Thursday 13 April 2017. See the pictures here.

by WOW Amsterdam

My quest is to explore new meanings of clothing and what role it could play in our lives. I believe that by implementing technology we can give clothing a higher purpose and appreciation.
Linda Plaude