Read the latest on some of our Artists in Residence here:

Sophie Hardeman presents Rouge 66 at Amsterdam Fashion Week this year (13 July), bringing the USA to the Netherlands. The inspiration for the glamourous denim collection comes from prom nights. Hardeman already showed her collections in New York, so we should praise ourselves lucky she still wants to display her collections over here.

Clément Carat screened his short movie Fusi Time at the Media Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland. The work was linked with the Hungarian term ‘fusi’ which harks back to Communism and means: “To steal time from the factory in order to produce your own goods, or as a self-expression time.” In order to experiment with this concept, the artist organised a race between two forklift drivers in a factory of the Csepel district in Budapest.

Junadry Leocaria was part of the Biennale this year. She danced in a striking performance Transcultural Protocol at the Zimbabwe Pavilion. ‘What if all the fragments were mixed together until nothing was left and the question of who you are cannot be answered?’ Leocaria is a self-taught professional dancer, upcoming choreographer, and dance teacher. In the past 13 years, she has danced in over 30 theatre productions. In addition to performing, Junadry travels the world creating theater dance productions, mainly working with young people.

Valentijn Bannier and his band Koffie celebrated their new album Huntu with a release party at Paradiso on 25 May. Newspaper NRC covered a Koffie performance during Africadelic.