Ziezo Marokko

Last Monday 27 June, WOW and the nearby Bos en Lommerschool organized an excursion for 2 classes to the exhibition ‘Ziezo Marokko’ in the Amsterdam Tropenmuseum Junior. We had an amazing time and learned a lot about the Maroccan culture and eachoter!

On beforehand the kids met Fatima Essahsah: artist and entrepeneur, plus friend of WOW. She currently features in the Ziezo Marokko exhibition: reason for WOW to set-up a meeting between her, the kids and organize a tour to the Tropenmuseum. See the libdub video they made here!

This exhibition will take over the Vitrine in WOW’s Lobby and include several paintings by the artist.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, it has always been Fatima Essashsah’s dream to become an entrepreneur. After graduating in Cultural Studies at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, she went to work as an event and educational programme producer at various hotspots throughout the city. By now, FANZ Productions is a household name in fashion and the arts. FANZ specialises in talent development, participation, entrepreneurship and is inspired by fashion and art as a means rather than an end.

Fatima turned a hobby into a career, and has been designing authentic jewelry for STONES STORIES since 2013. She took a course in Cultural Anthropology to research the ancient Amazigh culture, which led to a collection of jewelry inspired by the rich Berber history. STONES STORIES gets its name from the age-old tradition of storytelling that lies at the heart of this culture. It is therefore more than a collection of jewelry: it keeps alive and honours the old tradition by sharing stories with one another, ultimately to maintain a lasting power.

The exhibition Ziezo Marokko exhibition at the Tropenmuseum Junior runs until 2 January 2017.