The Plantage is an urban farm situated in the inner courtyard of the WOW complex. This Plantage functions as a laboratory for the experimentation of food production in urban areas. It inspires people to experience their surroundings differently and creates awareness of and a respect for food. In cooperation with the Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier, an ink garden will provide non-toxic material for printing processes. The Plantage inspires creative people to connect art with food production. Find more information on the Facebook page: PlantageLab.

Luca, Naan and Matthias are responsible for the Plantage.
WOW Plantage in progress
Plan by Sant & Co.



The public frontcourt serves as a perfect meeting place for guests and visitors of WOW and the people of Kolenkit neighbourhood.  PLAZAklein


The patio can be found next to the lobby and the restaurant. The quiet and intimate atmosphere makes it suitable to work or relax. IMG_8515