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The Chronometer’s Orchestra LIVE

WHEN: Thursday 28 February 21:00

The Chronometer’s Orchestra is coming to WOW Amsterdam!

Seating is limited! To reserve a ticket please email us at:

€10 General admission
€5 Students

“This orchestra is extraordinary through it’s concept, stunning through the combinations of different styles that seamlessly merge together (…)”
– Tom Beetz (

“We are positively surprised by the distinct and genuine structure of [Zacharias’] compositions. In his work for bigger ensembles he plays with surprising combinations of instruments and his works show undeniable expertise without being too academically. Besides the high level of craftsmanship Zacharias also exposes a broad and very formative conceptual range of sounds.“
– Grammy Award winner Jules Buckley and Boy Edgar prize winner Martin Fondse

Prize winning experimental and avant-garde composer Zacharias S. Falkenberg presents with his orchestra, The Chronometer’s Orchestra music that combines experimental Jazz with contemporary classical music and electronics. It’s a top notch orchestra that surprises its listeners with complex rhythms and insane harmonies. Influences are among others Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Dead Kennedys and Can. Against the grain, crafted for misfits and a real alternative in a mediocre music industry, the music assembles a feeling of anti-establishment and chaos. A true underground insider-tip for people looking for anti bourgeois-culture and alcohol!

For this special event they will perform in a smaller setting featuring:
Nicolai Fedder :Tenor Sax
Allison Philips :Trumpet
René van Haren : Trombone
Philipp Rüttgers : Piano/Synthesizer
Zacharias S. Falkenberg : Guitar/electronics
Maarten Zaagman : Marimba
Dion Nijland: Bass
Yonga Sun : Drums.