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WHEN: Wednesday 19 December 18:00 - Sunday 3 February 18:00

With a fascination for structure, strictness, reality and abstraction Ko Aarts (NL, 1961) makes drawings paintings, installations and collages. Mostly we see buildings, aeroplanes and people. His work is based on pictures, newspaper articles, photos and memories. Since 2001 Aarts’ works are part of his Private Universe, as he calls it. Aarts claims that everyone has his own unique perception of the world around us.  Most of his works show engagement with our society, but also include psychological approach of human behaviour. For Aarts a building is more like a personality than just a building. Since 2016 Aarts works on a larger project under the overall title ‘Out of Order’, a reaction on the instability in the world.

In WOW’s Vertical Gallery Aarts shows paintings that reflect on these issues and concepts. (HE)ART ATTACK,  is named after a painting with the same title. In this painting we look at the Rijksmuseum from the air. Whatever happened to the Rijksmuseum, it has been damaged in the heart. Just there where Dutch historical painting Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” is situated. The painting actually has been attacked several times with knives and chemical, which always felt like a real (he)art attack. As typically in Aarts’ work, his painting seems to be very clear and logical, but if we look further and think about what we are actually looking at, the meaning of the painting is multifaceted.