Artists in residence

WOW Amsterdam facilitates temporary residencies for artists who are recently graduated from Amsterdam’s art institutes and forms a platform for young creative talent. 

Inspiring environment

WOW offers young artists from different disciplines an inspiring environment where they can live, work, eat, and meet and exchange ideas with visitors and other artists. Young artists can develop professionally, benefitting from the experience and creativity of other artists, and are invited to add to WOW’s creative and dynamic atmosphere.


The 50 studios for the artists in residence are situated on the first and second floors and vary in size from 24m2 to 36m2. With a height of 3.80m the studios can also be used as a combined living and workplace. There are centrally located shared kitchens and bathroom and toilet facilities.


Artists that have recently graduated or are about to graduate from one of Amsterdam’s art institutes (like the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Instituut and the various departments of the Amsterdam School of the Arts) can apply for a temporary residency with a maximum of one year (tenants must meet the conditions imposed by CAWA, the Amsterdam Committee for Studios and Studio Housing. Read more on CAWA here.
Click here for their form).


Please note that we only accept applicants from the art institutions of Amsterdam. If you are interested in an Artist in Residence studio and just graduated or about to, please email