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X-C: Sunday with Alban

Artist talk

WHEN: Sunday 23 April 16:00

In the midst of our exhibition X-C: Transference between Neighbours, WOW Artists in Residence Alban Karsten and Charlie Clemoes interview Clément Carat and Xavier Robles de Medina in his own special style. Taking inspiration from the format of Sunday afternoon television shows, the artists will offer a reflection on the ways in which we talk about art and on how artists usually describe their own work. TV chef included.


X-C aims to explore the artists’ relationship as neighbours in WOW through a confrontation of their respective practices. The exhibition originated from a deep respect between the two young artists, and a desire to explore the boundaries of their work. Xavier’s drawings, in between dream and photograph, are in sharp contrast with Clément’s images, which shine a new light on everyday objects with his etching technique. Departing from this opposition the two artists tried to reach a middle point, not only through familiar techniques but also through experiment.The exhibition is an experimental ground in which both artists deepen their dialogue as young artists in residence, and explore further their position in the current developments of the art world.


Clément (1991 Paris, France), is a multi-media artist working in sculpture, performance, drawings and video. He recently graduated from the Sandberg Instituut where he participated in the System D Master’s program. During the course of his studies, he researched informal systems, economies, and strategies, in particular how to apply those concepts in Western Society in order to re-activate modern, non-industrial technological utopias.


Xavier’s (1990 Paramaribo, Suriname) sensibilities are deeply rooted in an observational drawing practice as well as an objective dissection of the painting as a three-dimensional object. He questions social and artistic categorisations, in search for a truth regarding his identity as it relates to the painting tradition. His studio practice in Amsterdam, where he currently lives and works, allows him to be at once close to, and removed from, his native Surinamese and Dutch heritage.


Alban (1983 Groningen, the Netherlands) is a multidisciplinary artist and curator, whose works extend from sculptures to installation and performance. From 2013 to 2015 he ran exhibition space, residency and concert hall De Gym in Groningen. He is now completing his master’s degree at the Sandberg Instituut, Dirty Art Department. As part of this course, he curated and hosted ‘The Soft Landings’ at De Apple Center in December 2016, and “Daily Solo Show #1-17″ as part of the ‘The Wandering School’ intervention at M^C^O in Milan in April 2016.