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Nominees The One Minutes Jr.

The One Minutes

WHEN: Wednesday 1 November 00:00 - Thursday 30 November 23:59

The One Minutes Series / Nominees The One Minutes Jr. Awards 2017 / November 2017 / HD video, 15 min

This series consists of fifteen One Minutes made by youngsters from all over the world. Their short, mostly autobiographical films are nominated for The One Minutes Jr. Award 2017.

The One Minutes Jr. brings together youngsters all over the world for video workshops to have their voices heard. The short, mostly autobiographical films offer glimpses into their lives. The stories are honest and unfiltered. Some films expose a social problem, such as growing up in a conflict zone or daily life in an asylum seeker’s center. Others tell the story of a personal dream.


Hasan (SY), Martin den Boer (NL), Viktoria Kuzmenko (UA), Denis Levchenko (UA), Danilo Savkevich (UA), Dasha Starikova (UA), Parisa (AF), Jacky Chan (HK), Yana Zavadskaya (UA), Anna Lusenkova (UA), Saad Chakroni (NL), Anastasia Novikova (UA), Nick Jam (AW), Yekaterina Masalskaya (UA), Xu Jia Xin (HK).

On display in WOW’s lobby