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make being radical again

The One Minutes

WHEN: Saturday 1 April 02:30 - Sunday 30 April 00:00

On permanent display in WOW’s lobby.

The One Minutes Series of April is curated by Tereza Ruller and is called MAKE BEING RADICAL AGAIN. Ruller invited artists and designers to escape into reality in virtual worlds. To show the action of performance art, use body as a surface and undergo body experiments. The series consists out of 32 One Minutes and aims to reveal what it means to be human in these uncertain times of organised control and theatrical politics. How is it to be part of a world that is an ever-changing network? The series will be on view at museums and cultural spaces around the world subscribed to The One Minutes Series during the month of April.

Participating artists

Tereza Ruller, Maxime Dardenne, Cindy Malon, Theo Triantafyllidis, Post Noviki, Adrian Bridget and Afra Eisma, Kryštof Ambrůz, Pavla Nešverová, Jeroen Cluckers, Anna Mala, Max de Waard, Birgitta Sigursteinsdóttir, Sam Rolfes, Dmitri van den Wittenboer, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Jonathan Castro, Tobias Schalk, Matúš Buranovský, Job Bos, Ammar Faiz, Dora Cohnen, Ines Alpha, Tessa Meeus and Cindy van der Meijden, Mary Ponomareva, Renée van Trier, Agnieszka Zimolag, Melanie Bonajo, Tomas Ruller, AirEdHD, Eva Papamargariti, Veronika Švecová, Pieter van den Bosch

about the curator

Inspired among many things by Deleuzian philosophy, circulation of affect and the God of Internet, Tereza Ruller (1987), a co-founder of studio The Rodina, extends the field of graphic design. The Rodina invents ways how experience, knowledge and relations are preserved and produced. Interested in connections between culture, technology and aesthetic, the studio designs events, objects and tools. The One Minutes is a global network devoted to moving image.

about the one minutes

Every month, a different artist is asked to put together a new series of 60-second films that investigate how we perceive and engage with moving image. Museums and cultural organisations around the world subscribe to the series.